Enjoy time with the ones you love this February…


We love challenging traditions at The Northern Dough Co, and while there’s no escaping that February can for many be the month of love, now that the ‘romantic’ date has been and gone, it’s time to share the love around. Whether you have a significant other, or whether the love of your life is your best friend, your Mum, your brother or anyone else in between (or you’re lucky enough to have lots to choose from) what you’re probably lacking is as much time as you’d like to spend with them. So, we decided to give you lots of excuses to find an hour, get into the kitchen to create some homemade pizza, and enjoy a delicious meal together through our giveaways throughout the month. Head over to our Instagram for details of how to enter. 

 While you’re waiting to find out if you’re one of our winners, here’s some little ideas that come straight from the heart, let us know if you try them! 

Set the scene 

 Anyone else guilty of rushing through meals, and feeling unsatisfied after? Whoever you’re cooking for or with, a quick fix is to take ten minutes to do something a little different, whether that be laying out your ingredients on a chopping board to create a ‘pizza party selection’ platter so everyone can dive in and pick their favourites or set the table with the glasses you save for best. It’s the tiny touches a little outside of the everyday that will make it feel special! 

 Do Brunch! 

 When you want to impress, a brunch date is a great idea. Not everyone is in a relationship and so hosting an opportunity to catch up with a friend will help you score some serious friend points. We’ve got lots of recipes available on our website that are perfect for munching at any time of day, and if you love eggs, try one baked on a pizza, or pop an egg on a flatbread (use a little vinegar in the water for the perfect poach!). 

 Pen the date

 If you’re anything like us, months can pass before you realise you’ve missed date night with your partner, or still not found the time to meet up with a friend, and we all need a little reminder to ditch the to do list. We’ve recently found A Year Of Dates, whose simple little cards with ideas on what to do with a spare hour make deciding what to do really simple (but we love the ‘make your own pizza card the best, obviously!). 

 Try something new 

 Whether you’re cooking with a friend or a small person, pizza making is a great place to try a new ingredient or flavour. We always find our littles are more likely to try something new if they’ve had a hand in making the food, so it’s a great way of sampling new flavours and textures. For adults, as you don’t need a huge amount of topping on a thin crust pizza, a small amount of a more expensive ingredient goes a long way or try half and half for the ultimate sharing pizza! 

Punchy flavours 

 While we are on the subject of flavour did you know you can create luxury restaurant-style combinations at home (and we’ve done the hard work…)? Creamy sauce with sizzling garlic mushrooms, steak and blue cheese or king prawn and chilli jam, all available over on our recipe pages. They’re a great option for busy parents for whenever you want to enjoy a dining experience but can’t find a sitter (and no-one needs to be designated driver, win win!)

 Get competitive        

 The Italians know their stuff when it comes to entertaining with food. That’s why it’s still one of the nation’s favourite dishes to enjoy with friends and family, and you can have even more fun if you all get hands on and creative in the kitchen together. If your family and friends are anything like ours, they’ll love a competition, so challenge each other to make the best-tasting pizza with your favourite toppings and taste test to crown the winner. 


If the best way to get together with your best friend is over a curry, have a go at a simple homemade version with pan-cooked flatbreads (heart shapes optional!) Getting hands on is easy, you’ll save money and they’ll love the personal touch. Add chopped coriander or poppy seeds for some extra texture.

We’d love to see what you make. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and share the love of your creations with us! 


Andy Roberts