Calzone might look like pizza’s tricky-to-make cousin, but with a few simple extra steps, a stuffed folded pizza at home can be on your plate before you can say ‘better than a takeaway’!

What you'll need... 

  • 1x ball of Northern Dough Co Pizza dough (chilli dough is a perfect partner to a meaty feast) 

  • Ingredients to stuff your calzone of your choice, we love ham, salami, mozzarella, tomato passata and cooked chicken, but you can use whatever you like, have a scroll through our other recipes for inspiration! 

  • Semolina or plain flour, to sprinkle 

  • Olive or rapeseed oil, to brush (a flavoured oil like garlic would add extra flavour)

Pre-heat your oven to its hottest setting, and lightly dust your worksurface, rolling pin (if using) and baking tray with flour. Roll or stretch your dough to approx. 10-12 inches in diameter and move your pizza dough to the baking tray. 

Spread tomato passata over half the base, leaving a gap around the edge as you would if you were making classic pizza. Add your ingredients to the top of the sauce, layering them (a layer of cheese between each gives extra ooze!), then a little extra sauce on top of the ingredients. 

Fold the un-topped section of dough over the topped section, and pinch the edge together tightly, then fold a half a centimetre back towards the filling, to create a ‘crust’ similar to a Cornish pasty, and pinch again, ensuring the seal is fully enclosed. Brush the dough with oil, and then sprinkle a little extra cheese all over the top. 

Move to the hot oven for 10-12 mins, checking regularly towards the end of the cooking time. Your calzone will be cooked when the crust has turned golden brown and the crust has risen. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 3-5 mins. As well as preventing burnt mouths, this also helps the ingredients inside to ‘set’ and prevents the toppings from sliding as much when you slice. Slice, share (or not!) and enjoy! 

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 Don't forget

  • Always flour your surface so you can easily roll out your dough

  • Move the dough to your pizza stone/baking tray before you top your dough

  • It’s good to be greedy, but make sure you don’t go over the top with your toppings, it’ll make your pizza soggy

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