Always tell yourself you’ll ‘try something new’ but end up ordering your comfort food favourite when you eat out? We’ve created a pizza-take on the classic chicken Caesar salad with this pretty special pizza recipe, try it and it’ll soon be your new favourite meal at home.

What you'll need... 

  • 1x ball of Northern Dough Co original or wholemeal pizza dough  

  • Semolina flour (optional, for dusting, helps to create extra crunch!) or plain flour 

  • 2 tablespoons carbonara sauce 

  • 100g cooked chicken, sliced 

  • 4 leaves of cos lettuce, chopped 

  • Parmesan cheese, finely sliced (amount to taste) 

  • Caesar dressing (amount to taste) 

  • Black pepper

 Pre-heat your oven to its hottest setting, and lightly flour your worksurface, rolling pin (if using) and baking tray. Roll or stretch your dough to approx. 10-12 inches in diameter (this will give you a classic Neapolitan style thin and crispy pizza. 

Move your pizza base to the lightly floured baking tray, spread evenly with carbonara sauce, then move to the hot oven for 6-8 mins, your pizza will be cooked when the crust has turned golden brown and the toppings are bubbling. Allow to cool slightly then pile up the lettuce, chicken and Parmesan then drizzle with the dressing, crack some black pepper and enjoy! 

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Don't forget

  • Always flour your surface so you can easily roll out your dough

  • Move the dough to your pizza stone/baking tray before you top your dough

  • It’s good to be greedy, but make sure you don’t go over the top with your toppings, it’ll make your pizza soggy

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